360 Degree Thermal Camera

  • Full 360 degree thermal camera
  • Built in Wifi and GSM
  • Low power consumption(less than 5 watts)
  • 24/7 360° Intrusion Detection
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All Weather

See through fog, dust storms, smoke and darkness

Cost Effective

A single thermal senor does the work of 20

Powerful Analytics

Quickly identify intrusions over the entire 360° FOV

Highly Flexible Alert Platform

Identifies alerts and sends notifications with coordinates and images

What is a Thermal Radar Camera System?

A thermal camera in conjunction with an intelligent geospacial platform and multiple communications capabilities equals thermal radar. The camera creates a full 360 degree panoramic thermal image and also provides an intuitive overhead view, allowing the user to quickly locate alerts. Fast and simple setup of ROI’s is all that is required, then let the camera do the rest. Continuously analyzing the scene, the camera sends custom alerts to your own servers or via SMS, email or even prerecorded phone messages.

  • Full 360 degree thermal camera
  • Built in Wifi and GSM
  • Low power consumption(less than 5 watts)
  • Satellite communications capable

Thermal Radar was designed as a stand alone unit. An on board dual core processor allows sophisticated analytics to be performed at the edge, minimizing bandwidth requirements.

How it works with forensics?

The thermal radar system is coupled with a high definition camera to provide forensic evidence of intruders. The radar detects movement sending a signal to the forensics camera which will automatically move to the detected motion to capture forensic evidence.

  • Motion detected by Thermal Radar
  • Signal is sent to forensics camera
  • Close up video evidence captured
Thermal Radar Viewer




Monitor vehicles and people approaching prison grounds.

Critical Infrastructure

Copmlete 360 degree perimeter security for critical infrastructure facilities.


Fire Detection

The continuous 360 degree thermal monitoring can be used as a early warning system for fire detection.

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